Mobile phone


KST specializes in design services that wirelessly link hardware accessory products to Apple's iOS, Android, and the new Windows 8 mobile operating system applications. With a highly experienced in-house development team, we create Apps from concept through programming code, testing, refining, and releasing into the consumer marketplace.

Tablet cloud computing


We have been developing OS X desktop apps for over eight years and were excited to see the launch of the Mac App Store in 2011. With Google and Microsoft joining the party, we've expanded our skill set to build fully custom desktop widgets and applications, transferring and storing valuable data for your customers.

Tablets communicating wirelessly


KST specializes in data transfer radio communication with experience in WiFi, Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy 4.0, 802.15.4 / ZigBee, and short-range RF design hardware design. With the worldwide move to wireless mobile devices and their accessories products, this skill is critical for future product development in the commercial and consumer electronics markets.

Circuit board


While there are many App specific design houses, there are very few with both hardware, firmware, and application development expertise under one roof. KST specializes in connected and wireless accessory product design, from initial specification to circuit and PCB design, performance verification and release to production.

Gears and circuit board


In the past few years, KST has broadened it's manufacturing base, working directly with factories in the United States and Asia. In addition to providing clients with hardware designs and interactive applications, we are now positioned to assist with complete consumer product development, from design to sourcing, testing and delivery to your end customers.