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Products & Engineering Services For Your Connected World

We can engineer your full custom or semi-custom sensor solution.

From The Edge to the Cloud And Back Again

Hardware Engineering

Engineering mobile hardware accessories is a unique skillset. We do schematic, layout, verification, testing, and characterization all here onsite and will work with your desired manufacturer or our own to help build and deploy your solution.

Mobile Development

Whether handset or tablet, iOS or Android, Windows or Mac, KST has the expertise to create the solution to the problems that your customers want to solve.

Cloud Architecture

The Cloud is more than just a repository for your data. It represents the database for your visualization layer, your deep learning analytics engine, the glue logic between your hardware and people’s mobile app views, and so much more.

Mechanical Engineering

KST can perform not only your finite element analysis of your solution, but we also can perform an environmental analysis, assist with NEMA or IP standards, and assist with integration into your target application.

UI / UX Design

Stitching together a hardware accessory, a mobile app, a gateway, an application server, and a customer facing dynamic website takes coordination and experience.

Firmware Development

Architecting firmware correctly means future-proofing your code, supporting Over-the-Air updates from Day 1, using resources wisely to conserve battery, and securing your data transmissions from prying eyes or botnets wishing to host malicious code on your products.

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